Hissor state reserve

Нissor (also known as Gissar and Hisor) State Nature Reserve was established in 1983 by the decree № 521 (09.09.83) of the Council of Ministers of Uzbekistan. It was the incorporation of two separate national nature reserves: Kyzylsuv and Miraki. The area of the nature reserve is 80986.1 hectares (50 892 hectares in Shakhrisabz region, 16002.1 hectares in Yakkabag region and 14092.0 hectares in Kamashi region of Kashkadarya province). The nature reserve is the largest one by its territory in Central Asia. It borders with the Republic of Tajikistan on the east and with Surkhandaryo province on the southeast.

The nature reserve is located in middle and high zones of the southwestern ridges of the Hissor Range of the Pamir-Alai mountain range at altitudes of 1750-4421 meters above the sea level and is a unique natural complex which shows biodiversity of ecosystems of the area. Main ecotypes of the reserve are forests of various species - mostly Juniper forests and shrubs of different species in the territory of 22766.8 hectares, pastures - 24258.3 hectares, rivers and lakes - 107.0 hectares, swamps - 461.0 hectares, glaciers - 3155.0 hectares, rocks and gullies - 30238.0 hectares.

The reserve is situated at the mid-mountain and highland belts of Hisor mountain ridge of Pamiro-Altai mountain system. The length of the reserve from east to west is 37 kilometers and from north to south - 90 kilometers. The mountain ridge' rocks contain a lot of Paleozoic sediments. Height of the mountain pikes varies from 2500 meters level to 4421 meters. For example, the height of Hazrati Sulton mountain is 4266 meters, and the height of Huzakirshavor mountain is 4303 meters. The highest mountain pike in the reserve is no-name pike in Turtkuylik mountain system.

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