Rich vegetation of the reserve

Vegetation is the most important wealth of wildlife. The flora of the reserve is rich and varied, there are about 2000-2500 species. Currently, 910 species identified representing 81 families, 384 genera, among which 36 species of vascular plants, such as tulip Oriti-like, Michael tulip, villous-staminate tulip, tulip Chimgan, Kashkadarya Astragalus, Oshanin onion, ferule Muscat, Uzbekistan Carnation, elongated Windswept and others are included in the Red Book of Uzbekistan.

The reserve is protected sufficiently in representative areas of vegetation of western Pamir - Alai, where more than 80 endemic species grow. They include Chimgan tulip, Astragalus Bobrov, Astragalus Kudryavtsev, Tulip Tubergen, Tulip Olga, Alexei onion, Mabuza onion, Rozenbah onion, narrow-leaved onion, and Juno small and Magnificent.

250 flora species are known nowadays: herbs - horsetail, Cumin ordinary. Barberry, Rhodiola rosea, Buckthorn, Rhubarb, nosebleed, wormwood, bistort tannic. Orchis shady, Morena dyeing, ferule Muscat, Zizifora - saiga herb, common St. John's wort, Oshanin onion, narrow­leaved onions, large-Atomanta and others.

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