Scientific and environmental protection efforts

Hisor state reserve bears a special status of scientific and research facility. Its employees work hard in the fields of environmental and biodiversity protection, educational activities and nature propaganda.

From the moment of reserve's opening, its employees began work on the research for nature objects status, monitoring for changes in ecosystems, search for negative factors influencing the reserves nature, help to the educational facilities and wide propaganda of environmental protection. During the last years scientists from Hisor state reserve published a number of scientific reports: “Natural environment of reserve and dynamic of changes”, “Monitoring of nature during the year cycle”, “Inventory of ecosystems' components”, “Research for regularities in dynamics of ecosystems and biology of certain species”. All scientific editions of Hisor state reserve scientists are collected in the digest “Calendar of nature”. Today scientists of Hisore state reserves work on the following problems: “Research for biology of unique and disappearing mammals of eastern Hisor massif’, “Program of fenologic observations”, “Definition of flora of Hisor state reserve”.

There are 870 species of flora recognized in Hisor state reserve. Experts claim that there are 300 more to be found at the territory of reserve. Annually a great number of species are recognized in the reserve.

Hisor state reserve closely cooperates with Institution for gene pool of flora and fauna, Universities of Samarkand and Karshi and National University of Uzbekistan.

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