Unique waterfalls

Because of the multi-tiered territory of the reserve each flowing stream generates unique, large and small waterfalls, which create the unique beauty form of alpine meadows in the lap of cliffs, huge stone walls and juniper trees. One of them - Suvtushar, located on Suvtushar creek in Miraki part of the reserve, falls into streams at an altitude of 2100 m. above sea level. Because of the snowy whiteness of its waters the river Suvtushar is called “Suttushar” (literally milky waterfall). Its poured appearance resembles a beautiful girl with fluff long hair.

The waterfall "Okkamar” is located in the area Tankhozdaryo in an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level. It is on top of the plateau Sarituz and plays and beats from stone to stone, the length of the fall is 1000 meters. Swift flow of water reminds a snake moving through narrow rocky cliff.

Another natural resource of the reserve is the waterfall “Hukizburun” (literally 'nostrils of a bull'). The waterfall is located in the Kizilsuv site, at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level. In the canyon of steep walls water ejects from the two holes with a diameter of70-80 cm and height of 35 meters. On a sunny day, splashing water forms rainbow.

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