The way to Hissar

The road to the ancient and always young Sharzizabz, located 380 km from Tashkent, the capital of our republic, and passes after Samarkand through the pass Ottoman-Karachi Zarafshan's mountains. Administrative building of State Gissar reserve is situated on the Ipak Yuli street in the center of beautiful city Shakhrisabz in Kashkadarya area, the city where was born Sakhibkiran Amir Temur - a great statesman of the East. Reserve is located on the lands of Shakhrisabz, Yakkabag and Kamashi areas, distance from the administrative building to Gilan area is 95 km, to Mirakin area - 60 km, to Tankhasdarya area - 55km, to Kizilsuv — 90 km. Shakhrisabz having a 2700 - year history in the ancience named as Resit. This city in 14-15 centuries, in times of Amir Temur and Temurids was a prosperous developed highly culture town of the East, and also had a majestic buildings and constructions, a powerful citadel.

Chinese traveler Suan-Czan (7 century), was traveling across the great silk road, Italian Marco Polo (13 century), Spanish envoy Rui Gonsalez de Klavikho (14 century) retained an information about the ancient and beautiful city Kesh, about his unique nature and plant waters rivers. In 14-15 centuries during the reign of Amir Temur and Temurids were built beautiful architectural buildings in Kesh and fortress walls that protected the city, surrounded by deep moats. Including such magnificent monuments as Ok-Saray, pearl and prayer complexes for burial Temurids, city's baths, built by Ulugbek Cook Dumbaz dome, mosques JOMIY, Molik Ajdar, Chorsu. These buildings arc notable their greatness, inimitable, unique architectural construction methods, which attract foreign tourists today. These historical monuments, rich culture and history indicate that Sharzizabz is one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia.

Tourists arriving in Sharzizabz can visit nearby of the city such grand and architectural places of pilgrimage like "Hazrat Bashir", "Khuja Ilimkoni", "Hazrat Langar ota" and village "Huzha Ilgor" where was bom the great Amir Temur. And also make a fascinating journey to one of the world's five astronomical stations - Kitab International Latitude Station for the Study the Earth's poles and the motion of the celestial sphere. Today Sharzizabz is one of the industrialized cities with high culture. The city prides of its carpet weaving, embroidery, artisans, and wonderful wines.

For the achieved progress in the years of independence and the historical role Sharzizabz has been awarded a high award - the Order "Amir Temur", and the international organization UNESCO entered the city in the list of "World Heritage"

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